Sunday, August 1, 2010

Tooth Whitening and Care Tips

It is important to smile as much as we can, but unfortunately some of us want to hide our teeth at all costs. If your teeth are not as white as they used to be, then there are some ways that you can improve their condition.

The easiest way to improve the look of your teeth is to get them bleached by the dentist. This really can make a huge difference to their coloring, but unfortunately this effect is only temporary. Depending on how discolored your teeth are, the bleaching may be more or less effective.

Many home whitening kits attempt to replicate this effect. They will often use a substance such as baking soda, which is also included in some toothpaste. However, many of these kits do not work as well as visiting the dentist, and you may want professional help for safety reasons.

Whilst whitening treatments can be useful, prevention is always the best option. This means always eating the right food and brushing your teeth properly. This may make conditions improve, though you can also visit your dentist for help if your teeth do not look the way you want.

Eating sweet snacks will always affect your teeth, but the effects will be worsened when eating in between meals rather than at mealtimes. When you eat sweets with meals the increased levels of saliva will help to protect your teeth and to wash the sugar away. However, when snacking in between meals the saliva is not there to protect your teeth and there is much greater risk of damage. The amount of time that teeth are exposed to sugary foods will also have an effect, meaning that sticky sweets and hard candy can be some of the worst culprits.

It is advisable to brush your teeth twice a day, including the outer and inner surfaces. You should brush your chewing surfaces with the brush flat, and brush others at a 45-degree angle. It is also a good idea to brush your tongue, as particles of food can accumulate here. This will also help to keep your mouth and your breath feeling fresh. It is important not to brush your teeth too much, i.e. after each meal, as this may have a negative effect on your enamel.

Smoking is also one of the leading causes of stains on teeth, so avoid smoking if you can. You could also counteract some of the effects by using whitening toothpastes, and also by following the tips above. Whenever looking for whitening toothpastes make sure that they do not have any negative effect on your enamel. Your dentist should be able to advise you on the best toothpastes to use.

There are many reasons why you should look after your teeth and mouth. These are not just aesthetic, as it can help to prevent bad breath (halitosis), gum diseases and many other problems. Start looking after your teeth in the ways outlined above and you should begin to see results.

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